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“Till Suns In Your Eye” – DJ Vadim ft. Motion Man (USSR – The Art of Listening / 2002)

Rockin’ one of the all time great album intros, tonight’s download pick. USSR to The Bay …


“Animal Rap” – Jedi Mind Tricks ft. Kool G Rap (Visions of Gandhi /2003)

Don’t forget Mathematics is dropping a brand new Math Files mix tonight at 8 PM EST on Virgin Mobile Live. People have been feelin’ the “Foul Cats” joint in the mix the last few weeks so today’s pick is keeping with that. Off the 3rd Jedi Mind Tricks LP Vision of Gandhi, DOWNLOAD “Animal Rap”
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“Industrial Revolution” – Immortal Technique (Revolutionary Vol. 2 / 2004)

Today’s Pick: Immortal Technique – “Industrial Revolution”
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Immortal Technique Freestyle & Interview on Invasion Radio w. Green Lantern

“Mojo” – Peeping Tom ft. Rahzel, Dan The Automator & Kid Koala (Peeping Tom / 2006)

Today’s pick comes from the one-off LP of Mike Patton’s “pop” project, Peeping Tom. The album features a dream lineup of artists whose work always feels a bit alien or just mad weird when placed alongside other acts from their respective genres. Guests also include Kool Keith, Massive Attack, Amon Tobin, Bebel Gilberto and a F-bomb dropping Norah Jones. DOWNLOAD Also check out Peeping Tom on Conan featuring Rob Swift on the decks.

“Puttin’ In Work” – EPMD ft. Raekwon (We Mean Business / 2008)

“Like Norman Bates pullin’ back the shower curtain…”
What a way to kick off an album. Erick, Parrish & The Chef. More Raekwon and the rest of the Clan coming up in minutes as part of Math’s first all-Wu show of the season. Listen on Virgin Mobile Live or catch the replay same time (8 PM EST) tomorrow night.
DOWNLOAD – “Puttin’ In Work”
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“Chains” – R.A. The Rugged Man ft. Killah Priest & Masta Killa (Die Rugged Man Die / 2004)

Today’s pick produced by Ayatollah. DOWNLOAD
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“Sex, Drugs and Violence” – Public Enemy ft. KRS-One (How You Sell Soul… / 2007)

Make sure you cop that new KRS-One / True Master Meta Historical. We’ve been playing it a lot on the mix show on Virgin Mobile which is now airing 8 PM EST Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays with replays each of the following days in case you miss it! Today’s pick is another KRS pairing that’s fairly recent relatively speaking and especially relevant. Download “Sex, Drugs & Violence” – Public Enemy ft. KRS-One
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“Ode To Road Rage” – Viktor Vaughn (Venomous Villain / 2004)

Sure Vaudville Villain killed it start to finish, but today’s pick is from the followup (now unfortunately OOP) that too many heads still sleep on. Produced by Dub-L DOWNLOAD – “Ode To Road Rage”

“The 3 Wise Men” – Ill Bill ft. OC & Jeru The Damaja (La Coka Nostra Presents: Black Metal / 2007)

If you’ve been keeping up with Math Files steady this season you know Math has been spinning joints off the brand new Ill Bill & DJ Muggs LP Kill Devil Hills. Last week was “Trouble Shooters” featuring Sean Price, Sick Jacken & OC. Today’s pick is off the La Coka Nostra Black Metal Mixtape. It’s another OC / Ill Bill collaboration this time with Jeru in the mix. DOWNLOAD
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“First Words Worse” – C-Rayz Walz ft. El-P (Year Of The Beast / 2005)

“I disrespect who come through, my intellect is Kung Fu,
In the midst of the women, that mista man, a new millennium Bush baby, with a mystic plan…”

Going back to the Def Jux heyday with today’s DOWNLOAD pick.
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